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Exterior of multi-story office buildings with a tree in the foreground Exterior of multi-story office buildings with a tree in the foreground


Intelligent buildings start with smarter equipment. At OEMCtrl, we empower you to build smart technology into your solutions so your customer can experience improved access to data, enhanced control and greater energy savings.
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Explore a range of flexible control solutions, including fully programmable and customizable input/output controllers, translators, sensors, and more.

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From engineering and manufacturing through startup and monitoring, our software team provides the right tools for every stage.

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Bird's eye view drawing of a building exterior with various green HVAC equipment surrounding it.
Solutions for HVAC Applications

HVAC applications are constantly evolving. We offer control solutions that are customizable and flexible enough to meet changing needs across a variety of equipment types.

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Process drawing showing steps in the manufacturing process beginning with an order and ending with shipping.
Solutions for Factory Automation

We offer software solutions that are customized for factory applications and designed to enhance the efficiency of manufacturing systems from the order to shipping.

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Photo of a male engineer in front of his computer workstation with headphones on
Solutions for Engineers & Service Technicians

The people we serve provide the foundation for the tools and products we make and engineers and service techs are at the top of the list of key stakeholders. Take a closer look at how we work to make life easier.

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WebCTRL area graphic showing building floorplan with thermographic colors in the controlled zones.
Solutions for Connected Systems

With more than 25 years of OEM experience and a long pedigree as a premier BAS provider, OEMCtrl understands the needs of the end-customer as well as the challenges of system integration.