April 2014

New Release! Equipment Touch touch screen HMI


OEMCtrl (a division of Automated Logic) announces the release of the Equipment Touch, a touch screen user interface for manufacturers of HVAC equipment. The Equipment Touch offers a 4.3”, 480 x 272 pixel color display loaded with features and flexibility, a hallmark of the controls line offered by OEMCtrl.

Features and Benefits
Simple, but powerful – With one simple tool, a customized user interface can be constructed that makes your everyday users and technicians feel smart and in control. (Equipment status, unit configuration, alarm monitoring, data point trending, scheduling and more)
Elegant, but robust – At home on the office wall or mounted directly to a piece of equipment, flexibility extends to its physical attributes as well.
Sophisticated zone control – With a built-in temperature and humidity sensor, scheduling capability, setpoint adjust, after hours override, and so much more, zone control is taken to a new level.
Support for custom graphics – Flexible design allows for graphics to be used to provide the user with a richer experience.
Plug and Play – Simply connecting the Equipment Touch to a controller initiates an auto-discovery of the custom screens that reside in the controller. So, upgrading from a zone sensor to a more capable Equipment Touch does not involve extensive re-engineering.
13 Languages supported – Create a single view file and in that one file provide translations for up to 13 languages. User simply just chooses their native language and away they go.
Support for scrolling windows – Need space for verbose help text or the like, the Equipment Touch allows for easily creating a scrollable window.
BACnet scheduling – Use as an add-on to a BACnet building automation system and view and add BACnet override schedules.


New Release! WebCTRL for OEMs v6 with tablet support


Cut the tether and make the job of equipment checkout and commissioning a lot simpler with WebCTRL for OEMs v6 and its flexible tablet support. No need for an app to have to maintain, no need to worry about which tablet or mobile device you have, just open your favorite browser and browse to the WebCTRL server. We support all the most popular browsers: (IE, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari).


That's not all, here are some of the highlights:

WebCTRL v6 Highlights

  • WebCTRL for OEMs v6 sports a completely new look! User friendly icons and larger buttons adorn an elegant new design, updating and simplifying the user interface.
  • Multi-Browser support is offered in both desktop and mobile environments, so system operators can use their favorite browser to surf WebCTRL from the convenience of a tablet (iOS, Android, and Windows)
  • ViewBuilder tool now supports the creation of view files for the all new Equipment Touch.
  • Brand-new trend interface which includes a new multi-trend display renders historical data to the screen in just seconds and provides innovative new controls to help diagnose equipment performance.
  • Import / Export unit calibration parameters to easily set identical units up with the same settings.
  • Alarms can now be managed more easily thanks to a simplified user interface
  • DHCP (Dynamic Host Control Protocol) addressing is now offered for those customers whose IT personnel prefer to assign IP addresses using DHCP.
  • Several security enhancements have been added to WebCTRL v6, helping our customers keep their Building Automation Systems (BAS) secure.





Jan 2014

The OEMCtrl team will be at AHR Expo 

January 22 - 23, 2014, New York City


If you're going to AHR Expo, the OEMCtrl team would love the opportunity to connect with you.


To schedule a meeting, contact any of us direclty, or Susan in our corporate office.


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Brian Forrester

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Jose Macon

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